Kent Paul Scarborough is a competent businessman who is respected for his unique business acumen and ability to make profitable business decisions quickly.  He is a magnificent problem solver and is appreciated for his ability to find appropriate solutions to a myriad of business problems promptly. He is bold and a confident risk taker who has never stepped back from following his heart.

Kent Scarborough- Former CEO & entrepreneur, tells that confidence is the key to making good decisions in life. If you are always unsure about what you are doing, you can never make good decisions. He tells that there are no bad decisions in life since we simply make a choice based on the information that is available to us at any point in time and we do the best we can with the data provided to us. There may be a situation where another decision might be required to be made when more information is uncovered. This act of making a decision the second time does not mean that the first one was not right. Because in the past, it was the best we could do to deal with the situation.

Kent uncovers that many people are under a constant fear, which makes them unable to hear the voice of their inner self, guiding to their heart’s way. The fear sets in with time and life starts moving gradually to a state of denial with no clear change until the unresolved choice surfaces again. This is where the trepidation gets reactivated and the fear of making a wrong decision starts haunting a person. He elaborates that to settle on an appropriately informed choice one must make moves to overcome his or her fear. In addition, efforts must be made to connect to one’s inner self and gut feeling. He tells that it is also important that you are open to new opportunities and solutions, and do not follow a black and white approach.

Based on his rich professional experience, Kent Paul Scarborough highlights that to make a sound judgment it is important to believe in your ability to make a good decision and release the fear of result. It is also imperative to gather all the information you can to make an informed choice. Lastly, just do it and you might be surprised with the outcomes your get.

Kent Scarborough has seen many ups and downs in life, but the thing that helped him stand strong even after all the challenges life threw at him was his self-belief and confidence. He says that rather than being a victim of life, you must focus on your abilities.  Be fearless, believe that you can deal with the challenges ahead and you will be furnished with resources essential to cross the road less taken. Realize that you have endured many testing circumstances before and have the power to emerge as a winner this time too.

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