Market Your Business With Media Planning: Know From Kent Scarborough From Australia

Kent Scarborough has been the Chief Executive Officer and businessman based in Queensland, Australia, referring to media planning as a process by which marketers decide where to increase their engagement, when and how often. When designing a news plan, the organizer should consider the intended buyer’s needs and business objectives. Here are some of the ways Kent Scarborough highlighted media planning.

Kent Scarborough From Australia


When creating a news program, magazines are an excellent source of information for a news editor. This is because magazines have a long shelf life, and most of the time, they stay with the consumer for more than a month after their reading. The details of this source are often kept for a long time because people learn faster than listening. Some people also tend to trust the publication of magazines more than other forms of information.

Kent Scarborough has served as a Director and Chief Executive Officer who embraces this idea and believes in it. Therefore, news editors use magazines when developing a news program because consumers do not strongly oppose the magazine, and more importantly, the source works with their interests. Magazines are useful because they reach a second audience over the target audience.


Kent Paul Scarborough is a talented business visionary from Australia, says that the newspaper is the best source of information for news editors regarding news planning. Advertising in local newspapers is an effective way to ensure that the product’s message stays on consumers’ minds. When using this source, news editors can choose which newspaper category is set to find another reference. Therefore, news editors use newspapers as sources of information because they have a much-needed audience in many markets.


Radio ads have a local attraction, allowing news editors to target specific parts of the country when launching a news program. Media editors use radios because they are an easy channel to create a frequency with your targeted customers and are characterized by less expensive resources. Therefore, a media editor uses radios because they can be paired with other media formats and work better.

Digital publication

News editor uses digital publishing as a source of information when creating a news program because she can send her email via customized email. Kent Scarborough, former CEO and Entrepreneur, suggests that news editors use these channels because they are often different, making it easier to reach targeted audiences and excellent campaign tools.

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